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Pliant helps businesses operate more efficiently in an increasingly digital world


The Covid-19 pandemic has massively accelerated the shift towards a decentralised way of working, where most business transactions are conducted online. Specialist credit card provider pliant has launched a new generation of corporate credit card to meet the requirements of this digital post-Covid era.

This means the days when senior executives were issued with physical credit cards to solely cover their travel and entertainment expenses are increasingly looking like a thing of the past. Today, employees across a business need access to quick and easy ways to pay for the tools for online marketing, e-commerce, and software as well as remote work tools and hardware like zoom accounts and headsets.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend towards the virtual credit card becoming the currency of the internet,” says Malte Rau, CEO and co-founder of pliant. “At pliant, we don’t want to be the next bank, we just want to build a really great credit card that meets all requirements of businesses as they adjust to managing a digital world and remote workforce.”

“With pliant, we have a competent partner and proven innovation driver at our side. They launched the first Visa Infinite Business Card in Germany and are offering both physical and virtual cards ensuring a secure and seamless payment experience,” said Ute König-Stemmler, Head of Business Development Central Europe, Visa. “Our partnership with pliant in Germany addresses companies’ needs for flexible payment solutions in an increasingly digitized world – and offers entrepreneurs many benefits that make running a business easier.”

While traditional corporate credit cards still have their benefits, they may not be the perfect fit for every occasion. The pliant corporate credit card – available in physical and virtual form – offers a high limit to account for all aspects of spending activity, market-leading cashbacks, and the best exchange rates. The virtual cards are issued instantly to allow for immediate use and come with high levels of security. Not only does the virtual format mean they cannot be lost, but the cards are also 3DS enabled. This industry standard anti-fraud measure allows users to authenticate themselves with a one-time password for every online purchase.

Managing online accounts with multiple service providers is also hassle-free. At no extra cost, pliant offers separate virtual cards for specific providers or purchases, with individual settings tailored for each specific use case. That means if something goes wrong with one payment and card details have to be updated, there is no need to update card details across multiple providers.

Berlin-based pliant has teamed up with card issuer TransactPay and Visa to offer its credit card to businesses in Germany with good creditworthiness, and has plans to roll the card out to other countries at a later date. The partnership with Visa means the pliant credit card will be accepted by more than 70 million online and offline retailers in more than 200 countries and territories.

“2020 has seen working practices evolve more than at any other time in recent memory, with businesses increasing their utilisation of remote, scalable services,” says TransactPay CEO Aaron Carpenter. “pliant has, in co-operation with TransactPay and Visa, developed a flexible, innovative means of paying for these services and we are proud to partner with them.”

pliant has also become the first provider to offer Visa Infinite Business in Germany – one of the most exclusive ways to pay with Visa and only available in a few European countries.


To find out more about pliant’s new generation of corporate credit cards, visit .  At TransactPay we offer a range of corporate payment solutions, see here.



27 Jul 2021


Press Release



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