Press Release

Transact Payments rebrands to TransactPay

Press Release
4 Jun 2024

Currencies Direct teams up with TransactPay to offer a better way to pay overseas

Press Release
20 Sept 2023

TransactPay joins Visa ready for fintech enablement

Press Release
18 May 2023

TransactPay appoints Aaron Carpenter as CEO

Press Release
29 Nov 2022

TransactPay, Europe announces the appointment of Sergio Gandolfo as its new CEO

Press Release
12 Aug 2022

TransactPay Moss award nomination: Best Service to Business

Press Release
12 Apr 2022

TransactPay Payac award nomination: Best Newcomer

Press Release
28 Mar 2022

TransactPay Enfuce award nomination: Best Processing Offering

Press Release
15 Mar 2022

HUBUC teams up with TransactPay to extend its embedded finance offering by adding card-issuing capabilities

Press Release
15 Sept 2021

Pliant helps businesses operate more efficiently in an increasingly digital world

Press Release
27 Jul 2021
"Over the past 5 years our engagement with TransactPay has evolved from tactical to strategic. The Team are always on hand to guide Issuers and Program Managers through the litany of regulatory and commercial frameworks whilst offering clear pricing, efficiencies and consistently delivering on deadlines."
Martyn Lock, Product Sales Specialist
"Our partnership with TransactPay has been instrumental in enhancing member satisfaction, driving growth, and reinforcing our commitment to innovation. We look forward to many more years of collaboration."
Seamus Newcombe, CEO
"The level of partnership between Thredd and TransactPay is exceptional – through experience built up over many years of working together, there is a solid understanding of our mutual offerings; and a deep level of trust and a record of exceptional delivery of service to our clients."
Kevin Fox, CRO
"TransactPay got the job done, on the timing they said they would, and without any surprises. Having engaged with multiple issuers, I’d put the TransactPay team as a very clear number one. Best in market, without doubt."
Faisal Khalid, CEO
"TransactPay is a highly valuable partner for our business. They grasp the complexities of the payment sector, and are always keen on collaborating with us to find effective solutions for our clients and for ourselves."
Steve Taylor, Chief Partnership Officer
"Excellent response to all queries and reacted quickly with senior executive support."
Dave Robinson, COO
Pax2pay Ltd

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